Our Mission & Identity, Grounded in our Jesuit Heritage

As a Jesuit institution, Georgetown is grounded in a nearly 500-year-old educational tradition inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Because of this long tradition, we can identify a number of characteristics and values that inspire our University and that are referred to in our University Mission Statement, our institutional documents, and our iconography. These values help shape our campus culture and are evident in professional and personal development programs available to faculty and staff.  

The Office of Mission and Ministry offers the Ignatian Tradition Seminar and Living the Ignatian Charism Seminar; a class on Ignatian Discernment is offered through the University's Office of Training and Development.  In addition to these and other activities, Georgetown sponsors the participation of senior administrators in the Ignatian Colleagues Program, a national program of five integrated components given over two years designed to educate and form administrators more deeply involved in the Jesuit tradition of higher education. All Georgetown students, faculty, and staff have opportunities to explore Ignatian Spirituality, a spirituality that is both practical and accessible, through Campus Ministry programs like Ignatian Retreats.  

Each year in the spirit of celebration, the campus community comes together to observe the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, our patron saint.  Hosted by the Georgetown Jesuit Community and the Office of Mission and Ministry, we gather together for a festive Mass and delicious lunch.